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            Mission Statement

    Badgerland Bowling Centers, Madison Wisconsin is devoted to promoting league and open play bowling with marketing and promotions designed to increase awareness and traffic in bowling houses in our area.


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     Badgerland Bowling Centers have league opportunities year-round.  We have specialty leagues for men, women, youth and business groups and associations.  Bring us an idea and let us help you put your idea in motion.



        Badgerland Bowling Centers have com-plete facilities for holiday parties.  After-work parties, promotions, new product launches, annual meetings, weddings, graduations..... if you have a need to bring a large group of people together, let a Badgerland Bowling Center take care of all the details.  We can help with food and beverage, bowling and entertainment.  And we are much more affordable than many other alternatives.     For inidvidual assistance, click on any of the bowling center icons or click Badgerland Parties. _______________________

                   Fund Raisers


    All of the Badgerland Bowling Centers can help you with a fund raiser.  Need an idea?  Give us a call.  We do fund raising for small groups, large groups and groups that aren't even groups yet. 

      Bring us your idea and we'll put the plan together from what kind of a fund raiser to organize to all the details like food and beverage, entertainment and how to track the paper work.  Give any of the Badgerland Bowling Centers a call today.  Get started by clicking Fundraiser Brochure.                                                               


    Badgerland Bowling Centers have a number of promotions throughout the year. Here are a few you might want to consider.


   The Badgerland 5th Frame Tournament was held Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at Bowl A Vard Lanes  in Madison. 180 bowlers will qualify for $1,475 in  cash and a thousands  of dollars in additional prizes.  Here are our big randow drawing   winners:

Dean Kielhofer - Dream Lanes - $1000
Doug Leikness - Dream Lanes - $500
Amanda Westfall - Village Lanes - $300
Mark Zager - Badger Bowl - $200
Ervin Marks - Dream Lanes - $100

Click 5th Frame Tournament for a scoring list.

Go to Facebook for more tournament pictures.

         5th Frame  Qualifiers.                                          Print 5th Frame Rules.  



    The 2014 300 Club Tournament will be held Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Prairie Lanes in Sun Prairie.  Over 100 bowlers will com-pete for $1,475.00 in cash prizes.  If anyone throws a perfect game during the tournament, they will cash in on $10,000 instantly. Print 300 Club Rules.

See who has qualified.  300 Qualifiers.



     Are you a league bowler at a Badgerland Bowling Center?  Then we have a special tournament just for you...The Badgerland Open.  This year's tourment is set for April 26th, 2014 at Village Lanes, 208 Owen Road in Monona. Contact Village Lanes for tournament details.  Print Rules.