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                Mission Statement

    Badgerland Bowling Centers, Madison Wisconsin is devoted to promoting league and open play bowling with marketing     and promotions designed to increase         awareness and traffic in bowling houses in Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding communties.


  Madison USBC Bowling Association    Madison USBC Womens Association     Madison Junior Bowlers                         11th Frame



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Take advantage of Badgerland Bowling Centers latest Groupon offer good at any of our 6 locations. _______________________________________                                                                                            Holiday Parties

         Badgerland Bowling Centers have complete facilities for holiday parties.  After-work parties, promotions, new product launches, annual meet-ings, weddings, graduations..... if you have a need to bring a large group of people together, let a Badgerland Bowling Center take care of all the details. For inidvidual assistance, click on any of the bowling center icons or click Badgerland Parties             


                                                     Win Madison Capitols     tickets when you bowl in a league at Badgerland Bowling Center.



   And here are your Badgerland Open 2015 Tournament Winners.                                      1.  Greg Hafenstein     829 with Handicapp    2.  Terry Teasdale       810  with Handicapp  3.  Dennis Grossman  786 with Handicapp    4.  Sara Maciejeski     777 with Handicapp  5.  Paul Swart              770 with Handicapp

    Click for Tournament Results                          Click for Tournament Pictures



   The Badgerland 5th Frame Tournament       will be held Saturday, May 2nd at Dream Lanes.  To qualify, you must bowl in a regular league at a participating Badgerland Bowling Center.  You could get a chance at $2,950.00 in cash prizes based on skill and random drawings.                                                    Print 5th Frame Qualifers                                Print 5th Frame Rules     



    The Badgerland 300 Club will be held Saturday, April 18, 2015 at Ten Pin Alley, 6285 Nesbitt Road, Fitchburg.

   300 Club Qualifiers                                         Print 300 Club Rules